Our Big Five Animals

Our Big Five Animals

Best thing about our big five animals? No one is going to get eaten!  With no dangerous animals on the reserve this means we have wilder range of species.

Mountain Zebra

The Mountain zebra is a true symbol of South Africa, sporting the distinctive black and white stripes, but also possessing the ‘dewlap’, a piece of skin on the throat. The smallest zebra breed has evolved over the decades developing stronger hooves enhancing their ability to climb rugged terrain and allowing them to reach top speeds of 60 kmph. They may have been classed as a vulnerable species; however, they certainly are not at Glen Harry.


The smallest and definitely the cutest animal to make our big five list. Klipspringers are adaptive in every way from their course yellowish grey coat camouflaging into rocky habits, to their equally adaptable diet and not to mention their gait. The ‘rock jumper’ has its own special way of getting around, on their tip toes! With their amazing tiptoe gait and weighing between 11 – 13 kg, this enables Klipspringer to jump as high as 8 metres. Watch out giraffes!


There is no mistaking the tallest mammal on Earth, characterized by their distinctive spotted colouring, long legs, and long neck. The average height of a giraffe is between 4 – 5metres! As you would expect with an animal of that size, they have a huge appetite.  Spending most of the day reaching the highest leaves, demolishing up to 45kg of leaves and twigs each day. Known for being social animals, they like to travel in herds of over 10, be sure to say hello as you cycle past.


Sable antelope is one of Africa’s most impressive antelopes. Ranging in colour from chestnut to black, with glossy white markings found on the face and all the way underneath from chest to tail. With a lifespan averaging 17 years, the number of rings on their horns can be an indication of how old they are.  Unlike many species the ‘great sable antelope’ is most active during the day, so no need for early morning starts.


Kudu are mesmerising with their coffee coat, white stripes over the flanks and v-shaped band on their forehead.  Standing at just 4 to 5 foot in height, bulls can amazingly grow spiralled horns up to 1.8 metres! Kudu are one of the loudest antelope’s species, so be sure to listen out for the barking whilst you are exploring.

Psss as well as our big five we also have the ‘funny five’, which includes Vervet Monkey, Yellow Mongoose, Meerkat, Aardvark and Secretary Bird. If you want a traditional big five safari, we can happily arrange a day trip for you.

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