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We welcome you to come and enjoy the beauty of nature and our warm hospitality at our historic Karoo reserve

Welcome to Glen Harry Game Reserve

Glen Harry Game Reserve is one of the very oldest game farm establishments in South Africa dating back to 1819. Wild game has roamed the lands for an eternity. In 2010 the 25,000 acre Glen Harry Game Reserve was purchased with the intention of creating a pre-eminent wildlife area where, unlike most Game Lodges, a conscious decision was made to not introduce predators or dangerous game thereby allowing visitors to the Reserve the ability to enjoy to the full extent its beauty and abundant wildlife. This allows close contact with nature and the property itself without the restrictions of dangerous game which, by their very virtue, impose upon humans.

Wherever you look at Glen Harry Game Reserve, the landscape resonates with evolution and the passage of time. San and Koi rock art dating back 10,000 years hides in ancient stone shelters, depicting the spirituality of another age, while fossils from 190 million years old line the river bed, drawing palaeontologist interest from far and wide. The numerous springs, and the Sundays river meandering through the reserve's heart, have long been regarded as the treasure of Glen Harry Game Reserve providing a life-source for Karoo wildlife for thousands of years. The topographical formations, which this Reserve is particularly blessed with, typifies the titanic volcanic activity once seen across the area, while the altitude extremes and fertile land has attracted a great diversity of creatures, bringing a concentration of inhabitant activity, from the Cape clawless otter beside the river bed to black eagles nesting at the highest mountain peaks.

Freedom to roam safely

Glen Harry Game Reserve Timeline

  • 1819

    Glen Harry Game Farm was established

    Founding date timeline

  • 2010

    New ownership brought a new vision to create a haven of biodiversity with no dangerous predators

    New Owners Timeline

  • Today

    With continuous investment, Glen Harry Game Reserve is now a place enjoyed by tourists around the world and most importantly the local community

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Our first and biggest community project is now completed. This is a project that was very close to our hearts.  We believe that the community starts right here on Glen Harry and it was important to us that our staff are well looked after and live comfortably. Our first project was to build a new house for each one of our staff members to live in while they work on Glen Harry. Our village project now also includes a play area for the village children as well as a breath taking church.

We invite you to come and view our staff village and see the transformation that took place.



At Glen Harry Game Reserve, you set your own pace