Explore the African landscapes

The Glen Harry Experience is tailored for you, whether you’re looking for non-stop adventure, or relaxing quality time with loved ones

Morning, Evening & Night Game Drives

Enjoy a morning or evening game drive where you will get to experience the sheer beauty this property has to offer along with the animal species you would see along the way.

Game Walks

Our guided game walks allow you the opportunity to experience our wildlife up close and personal from a different perspective.

Mountain Biking

Please feel free to bring your mountain bikes along so that you can enjoy the trails we have on the farm. For those that cannot travel with their bikes we do have entry level mountain bikes on site that can be used by guests.

Target Practice

Keen to have a go at our shooting range, we are equipped for both kids and adults to test their shooting skills. Please enquire directly for the costs involved.

Running Trails

If you enjoy running out in the natural wilderness then you will love running alongside the Glen Harry wildlife. Be sure to pack those running shoes!

Relax Poolside

Our salt water pool is nestled within a stunning mountain range providing beautiful views, and is regarded as the star feature of our lodge in our hot summer months. Kick back and relax with a G&T in hand pool side!

Bushman Painting Tour

Come and view a piece of history in the form of our Bushman Paintings and rock etchings.

Bird Watching

If you enjoy birding then this is the place to be, with 177 species including black eagles. Glen Harry boasts a wide variety of vegetation types which houses spectacular bird species in their natural habitat.


Our starry skies are nothing short of breath-taking. Enjoy our star gazing talk around the campfire after dinner.

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Church in Graaff-Reinet Tour

Local Activities

Explore Our Wilderness Chalets

Pepper Tree Cottage

Named after the many pink pepper trees growing on the river banks of the reserve, under one of which this cottage sits. Pepper Tree Cottage is perfect for families looking for extra outdoor space. The rustic cottage features garden with patio seating and large outside fire perfect for those starlit nights around the campfire.


Set in an idyllic position with spectacular views, the name Kudu comes from the elegant antelope species that thrives on the reserve and which is known for it’s beautiful long twisting horns and ability to camouflage itself in the thicket, giving it the commonly known name of the “Grey Ghost”. Enjoy the African wilderness on…


A hidden gem overlooking the superb grasslands on which our Glen Harry wildlife grazes, particularly at dawn and dusk, and can be observed from the private terrace. The timeless design of our chalet interiors capture Africa’s raw essence. Our chalets feature double or single bed (as requested), separate shower and washing area, WC, small kitchenette,…


The eland is the largest antelope on Glen Harry and will usually be encountered frequently. Our charming chalets are designed to reflect a simple timeless finish with a traditional African theme, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the wild Karoo. Our chalets feature double or single bed (as requested), separate shower and washing area,…


The Klippy wilderness chalet stands for Klipspringer, which is a species of antelope we are lucky to have in abundance on the reserve and is known as one of the most attractive yet elusive of antelopes due to its tendency to climb mountains and stand atop the pinnacle gazing out.  This lovely chalet is newly…

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